Tampa Concrete Staining

Concrete Staining

Enhances the Natural Beauty of Your Concrete

Tampa Concrete Floor Staining can transform your concrete floors into oceans of color using stained and stamped concrete techniques. Our process will produce a eco-friendly, high shine, attractive, durable finish to your existing concrete floor.

Staining Concrete floors and other surfaces  is a very popular application for transforming concrete because of the unique and beautiful outcome that can be achieved by combining colors with techniques as scoring, stamping and other designs. Concrete Staining is a beautiful, permanent and economical approach for finished floors in both residential and commercial applications.

Stained Concrete Floors in a Tampa HomeHome owners, restaurants, retail stores, schools and business offices looking for a beautiful, durable and cost effective alternative to carpet, tile or other flooring materials will find stained concrete floors as the best alternative. Without exception, a stained concrete floor is an excellent value, a strong and environmentally-friendly material that can bring value to your business or home environment. A concrete floor finished by Tampa Concrete Polishing and Staining will produce a durable, functional, eco-friendly, economical, amazing floor.

What are Concrete Stains?

Decorative concrete floors in a commercial buildingThere are two categories of concrete stains – reactive (acid stains) and nonreactive (water stains). Acid stains are acidic solutions containing metallic salts that react with the concrete’s lime content. Once the chemical reaction takes place, the acid stain forms a permanent bond with the concrete and won’t chip away.

Non acid stains are water based stains that don’t rely on a chemical reaction to impart color. Instead they are formulated to penetrate the concrete and impart their pigment into the open pores.

Why use a Concrete Stain?

Concrete Stain does more than to simply add color. Rather than produce a solid, opaque look like paint or colored coatings, stains penetrate the concrete to infuse it with rich, deep translucent tones. Keep in mind that no two concrete stained surface will look a like. Each floor is unique and one of a kind.

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