Metallic Epoxy Surfaces

If you are considering a new floor for your residence or business, you need to spend some time learning about Designer Metallic Epoxies

Residential Metallic Epoxy

Residential Metallic Epoxy

Metallic Epoxy Flooring is the most exciting technology breakthrough in the concrete flooring industry in years. There is no other system that has the appeal, depth, luster and three dimensional visual effect as Metallic Epoxy. Metallic Epoxy helps create a unique one-of-a-kind look and brilliant finish to any concrete surface. Customers seeking an exceptional look for their floor will be captivated by the ability of Metallic Epoxy to transform any area into one of distinction.

Metallic Epoxy is the most luxurious concrete coatings available today. Originally designed for the Casino Industry where appearance and durability is priority, these floors are now available to all commercial and residential customers.

Not only are Metallic Epoxy Floors beautiful and versatile, they are seamless, highly durable and environmentally friendly flooring option for commercial and residential applications. The appearance of Metallic Flooring can be enhanced by several application methods creating a floor that can never be duplicated.

Benefits of Designer Metallic Epoxy

  • Virtually unlimited design options
  • Affordable and cost effective when comparing to other “WOW” flooring
  • Does not stain like Tile Grout or carpeting
  • Very low maintenance cost
  • Can be applied on new or existing floors
  • Extremely durable – Can withstand vehicular traffic
  • VOC free options. Being green is important
  • Installation time days not weeks like some flooring


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